this is for you if...
You want to take your branding seriously, but aren't quite ready to invest in complete branding? This offer is for you! I will do a complete audit of your brand, from how it makes people feel to all the technical details. Then you can join me in a 1.5-hour zoom meeting to discuss all the details and possible changes. In the last 30 minutes, I will help you with anything you need, this could be helping you set up a specific part of your branding or answering any more questions you have.
it includes:
PDF audit of your current branding that covers:
•The vibe you are giving off
•What does it look like you value
•What is your main message
•What your brand identity pieces say about you
How your visuals are technically
•Overall cohesiveness
Strategy call
First, we will go over the audit and how your brand appears to me with little information. Next, I take some time to learn more about your business so that I can help you with possible solutions or adjustments. The last 30 minutes will be used to answer more questions or go helping you with a specific part of your branding.

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