Rainee Signor​​​​​​​
My story
After graduating high school, the only thing I knew was I didn’t want a job that would be the same thing every day. After a bombed job interview for a job I didn’t really want, I started looking for a job I could do from home giving me flexibility. I discovered graphic design. Dumping all of my money and time into a New York Institute of Art and Design course (and many more courses after) as well as a laptop. I finally had a goal. It was the first thing that felt right.
I fell in love with graphic design, everything from learning about people and diving into their stories, to coming up with ideas and fine-tuning all the tiny details. There is always something else to learn.
I “cut the ribbon” for my business at 12:30 am five months later.
I was terrified, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to succeed and help people to do the same.
Fun facts
• My favorite escape is the outdoors. The crash of waves or the deafening silence of mountains is the best place to get inspiration and let my brain wonder. 
• I competed in baton twirling for 13 years! Through Baton, I got to travel and meet people all over the country. I even did an international competition in Canada.
• I’ve tried all kinds of creative mediums. I’ve done painting, sketching, pastels, scrapbooking, wood-burning, sewing, beading, and crocheting to name a few. The only one I’ve actually enjoyed following instructions or rules for has been graphic design.
• I help to organize my town's annual festival. I run the website, and social media, make the flyers and help plan individual events.
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